PHPro Update May

We notice that a lot of people, both potential customers and potential employees, are curious about how things work at PHPro. That's why we would like to show you some regular updates where we highlight the nicest and most proud moments of the month!

May Update in Video (Dutch)

Go-Live Hubside.Store

The month of May started strongly, because our colleague Géry was immediately able to shine with the go-live of Hubside.Store. Since March 2021, Géry has been working as a consultant in the role of analyst and PO for the French Hubside. He was already involved from the start of the RFP procedure, in order to ensure a good transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Therefore, he helped Switch and Hubside with the coordination and collection of requirements, as well as with functional analysis and of course validation. The result is impressive, because the website has everything a modern webshop should offer!

MacBook Pro 16


Many of our employees had been looking forward to it for a long time, but on Monday 16 May the time had finally come: Erwin Hoffman's page speed training. In the morning there was a 'less-technical' training part where we got a lot of extra insights about page speed and UX based on a fun interactive quiz.

In the afternoon, after some tasty sandwiches and a speedy ice cream, a technical training followed, during which our employees learned how to analyze and interpret a webpage test and the accompanying waterfall. It was a super educational training and everyone went home inspired.


That inspiration also gave a lot of employees the necessary 'eagerness' to get started on their project and Youri didn't miss that opportunity! With a simple CSS adjustment for Var, he immediately managed to generate a performance boost of 5%. Of course that leaves us wanting more, but for now: well done Youri!



The Sleepworld team had already done some research prior to the Pagespeed training and they were able to release a lot of CLS (cumulative layout shift) improvements to production in April. Since Lighthouse needs 28 days to process these adjustments, we were very proud of the result this month: an improvement of no less than 35%!

Go-Live Juntoo

May was a fertile month, because Juntoo's new PWA webshop was also launched on 23 May. Juntoo had recently had a redesign, so the current React frontend seems to have many similarities, but under the hood there are certainly some differences to be noticed! Due to some performance improvements, the site was able to generate more turnover from week 1, so that not only the customer, but also we can look back on this process with great pride. It was an interesting process, because this PWA makes use of a lot of integrations, ranging from Akeneo to Sensefuel and Frosmo. On to phase 2!


Summer Event

In addition to work, there must also be some space for fun, so Xplore Group organized a real Summer Event on Thursday 19 May. A lovely evening for our team, because in addition to tasty drinks, also a delicious BBQ was provided. But the fun didn't stop there: a kicker table, dartboard and arcade room provided some fun, while the dancers among us could enjoy live music and the limbo ;)

PHPro Spain

It was extra nice that on the occasion of the Xplore Summer Event, our Spanish PHPro colleagues also traveled to our beautiful Belgium. By the way, they didn't do that empty-handed: at the office in Kontich and Hasselt they provided real Valencian jamon - tasty!

Party breakfast

The BBQ was not the only fun Xplore Group organized in May, because earlier in the month a generous party breakfast was provided for our employees in Kontich and Hasselt for a week. From chocolate bread, croissants to bacon and eggs: everything was provided.


Every month PHPro provides a fun budget per team and this was eagerly used in May: team 1 went laser shooting, while team 4 opted for some Flashy Golf with a snack.

Fun Photo

New ORO-project

Also good news for our ORO team in May, because in addition to Cibo, Clabots Tools now also chooses PHPro as a partner for their new B2B project in OroCommerce. We are already looking forward to the start!


Xandres continues to invest

Also Xandres announced in May that they would continue to fully invest in their shop. Earlier this year they already launched a Kiosk for their flagship store in Antwerp and linked their shop to the marketplaces of Van Graaf and Peek & Cloppenburg. For the coming six months they choose to expand their marketplace strategy even further, with for example on the schedule! In addition, Xandres upgraded to a new Adobe version in May, and we are happy to report that this upgrade went very smoothly.


Airnet integrates Adobe Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager

Airnet System believes in the power of the Adobe Suite, so a few months ago they chose to integrate their CMS site, built in Adobe Experience Manager, and their ecommerce site, built in Adobe Commerce. The result is now online and it clearly shows that this coupling works well!

Five years of Sarah & Bert

We conclude with our top colleagues Bert & Sarah, who are celebrating their five-year anniversary at PHPro this month, and of course we hope that they will at least stay for another 40 years! ;)

Sarah & Bert

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