Your project at PHPro!


Living up to your digital ambitions, that's what we're all about at PHPro! To make this happen, we have developed a plan for digital success: our PHPro roadmap. This roadmap is divided into different phases that are our guide during the project, for both us and the customer. As a customer, you stay involved and informed throughout the project.

But what exactly does such a roadmap entail? At PHPro we make the comparison with a tree. By strengthening the roots, outlining the leaves and letting sturdy branches grow, we arrive at a beautiful tree from which you can reap the benefits. We can divide the construction of this tree into different parts, and this is also how we work on the project.

At PHPro we have developed our own project approach that really works. What specifically do we strive for in each phase? Read on below to discover more.

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We start the project with a Kick-off meeting. Here, concrete agreements are made about project management and project documentation. During the project, PHPro uses a number of types of meetings (such as the stand-up meeting) with a fixed frequency. Good communication is the key to a successful project.

Digital strategy: the workshops


Growing optimally with a well thought-out digital strategy is what we consciously aim for at PHPro. Therefore, in this second phase, we examine what actions are needed to achieve a digital strategy tailored to the client. We do this through a number of workshops: the business workshop and the digital strategy, optionally also by deepening the personas and mapping the customer journey.

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UX & Design


During the design phase, we use the information from the workshops to design the perfect user experience for your customers. We review the information architecture, develop the wireframes and deliver the style guide. PHPro creates a visual design of the website. This can be based on the existing website design, based on the design and wireframes of a standard theme or a custom graphic concept is developed.

Technical en functional analysis


During the technical and functional analysis (which usually runs in-sync with the design phase) all desired features are mapped, analyzed in depth and compared to the current set-up. This way we get a good idea of where the technical difficulties lie. At the end of this phase we have a concrete scope for the project, we make a more concrete budget estimate and development can start.

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Building the webshop


Once the technical-functional analyses are completed, we can start building the webshop. We use a mix of the classical waterfall method and Agile/SCRUM. This allows us to respond faster to change, because we work with sprints to two-weekly releases. At PHPro we work with the PHPro quality commandments for our definition of done.

After going live


Your webshop, website or application is live and now what? Implementing your digital strategy, of course. From linking to marketplaces to digital marketing, PHPro executes the right actions to optimize online traffic and conversion of your new project. At PHPro, we equip your website with the right tools to convert more visitors.

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Want to know more about our project approach? Keep an eye on our website. There is more information coming on how we fill each fase of our projects.

Can't wait and want more information asap? Don't hesitate to contact us!