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Automated testing with Blackfire and Codeception

PHPro is known in Belgium as being both a technical and strategic partner in the field of e-commerce. We know that achieving digital success requires not only a highly technical, but also a practical approach. Why do we conduct automated tests with Blackfire and Codeception? How do we do this as practically possible?

In order to be able to continue to ensure our PHP quality standards in the future, we will test our self-built websites periodically by means of automated testing. We know that a prolonged loading time leads to a turnover loss of several millions of dollars. As market leader in PHP development in Belgium, we need to go the extra mile for our valued customers. Do you want to know how? Then be sure to read more below!


How does PHPro safeguard the quality of your website?

Automated performance testing is just one of the ways we monitor the quality of web applications.
Each time a build to a test environment is performed, these automated tests are initiated. The automated tests consists of two parts: functional browser tests and performance tests. 

After these tests, the results are immediately reported in the chat program used by our developers. Why do we do this? In case one of these tests should fail, our developers are immediately informed and ready to take the necessary actions. Here at PHPro, we love to have efficient technical procedures!

When to use functional browser tests or performance tests?

We use Codeception for the functional browser tests. Browserstack allows us to perform the tests on different systems, browsers and devices. These tests monitor common user actions, such as registering a new user or purchasing a product.

For the performance tests we use Blackfire. For each project we set up a number of parameters that a page must comply with. For example: a page must load within 500 ms. In Blackfire, the most important pages are then checked on these parameters. 

Why a PHPro service contract?

Does your company needs an all-in-one e-commerce service for the sole purpose of ensuring the reliability and speed of your website? Great, because this automated testing principle is one of our included services for clients with a PHPro support contract!

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