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Magerun for Magento 2

At the end of October the second Yireo Magento 2 Seminar was held at Utrecht, the Netherlands. There were 2 tracks: one for developers and one for merchants. In these tracks each speaker had about 20 minutes to give their presentation which meant a lot of topics were covered. One of these talks was about Magerun2 presented by Christian Münch, Magento lead developer at @netz98 and creator of n98-magerun.

For those how do not know Magerun, it's a convenient command line tool for Magento developers, sysadmins and devops. And it's also easy to extend which gives you a ton of possibilities. Me and many of my colleagues use Magerun for Magento 1 in every single project.

Now I must say when I learned that Magerun was also available for Magento 2 I was sceptical at first. Magento 2 has a build in cli tool unlike Magento 1. Will Magerun still be as convenient that I will use it in all my projects as I do for Magento 1?