Oro number 1 for B2B Digital Commerce Use in Gartner's 2021 Magic Quadrant report


At PHPro, we've known it for some time: OroCommerce is on of the best B2B e-commerce platform, built for the future, and Gartner's new report confirms it too! Every year, Gartner conducts a Critical Capabilities survey that compares the performance of different e-commerce platforms.

Want to know why Gartner agrees? Be sure to read on, we'll explain it for you.


The study of Gartner includes:

  • An overview of the digital commerce market and its future
  • An assessment of 17 leading suppliers of digital commerce platforms, their strengths based on various criteria
  • A comprehensive list of evaluation criteria (and their definitions)
  • An in-depth analysis of the platforms' capabilities and how they meet specific user cases; both B2B and B2C on the same platform


OroCommerce leader in B2B Digital Commerce


When it comes to e-commerce platforms for B2B sales, OroCommerce is in solid first place. Why does Gartner give OroCommerce this recognition?

Leader in B2B Digital Commerce

OroCommerce is specifically designed to meet the needs of B2B merchants and remains committed to this industry. Designed for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and other B2B retailers, it offers powerful multi-organization, product management and personalization features.

Support for different sales models

OroCommerce received high marks for its unique applications, such as hosting B2B and B2C commerce scenarios in a single platform. It is a testament to OroCommerce's flexibility and robustness to support virtually any sales scenario.

Automation and workflow management

OroCommerce scored well for its workflow management capabilities. It has pricing, promotion, approval and reporting workflows that are flexible and modular.

Strong core features and flexibility

OroCommerce also scored well because of the platform's strong core features. In turn, as commerce platforms become more complex, OroCommerce stands out for its flexibility and integration capabilities with other technologies.

Mobile integration capabilities

OroCommerce offers a robust API that enables headless commerce and immersive mobile experiences for both the back-end and front-end of the system.

Digital commerce and CRM

OroCommerce was awarded for OroCRM, its built-in multi-channel CRM product. Companies gain more control over their customer relationships and marketing strategy. They can also make better projections, at no additional cost.


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