Project Approach Phase 2: Workshops


At PHPro, we have a proven project approach that we use for every project. In this series, we'll look at all the components of this PHPro roadmap.

At PHPro, we consciously go for a well thought out digital strategy. We believe this is the way to grow your digital project. The second phase of our project we're going to be consciously looking at the tailored strategy that your company needs to reach its customers. We do this through a number of workshops: business profiling and digital strategy, if necessary we will also deepen the personas and look at the customer journey.


In the first workshop we gain insight into your company.

What is the core of your business? What determines the brand identity, what are the USP's? What is the positioning? But also: What are your goals? We distinguish them between short and long term goals. 

We dig deeper into your target audience. What are the demographics? What are their motives? Their goals? Once we've mapped that out, we examine how we plan to achieve these goals and determine the strategy. Which channels are we going to use? With what kind of content and also with what technology? Then we discuss how we are going to measure your goals. Together we determine KPIs, make agreements on reporting, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configuration.

In order to answer the above questions and draw up a well thought-out strategic marketing plan, together we look at all the relevant business data that is available.


During the digital strategy workshop, PHPro presents a digital marketing plan based on the info from the business profiling workshop. With the client's feedback, we work to align the digital strategy with the needs of the business. Then we determine the priorities together.

We prioritize the actions based on the MoSCoW principle:

  • ‚ÄčMust-haves: essential for the digital strategy
  • Should-haves: highly desirable and should be included where possible
  • Could-haves: these elements are interesting but will only be included in case of extra time or in future projects
  • Won't haves: these elements will not be included during this project but may be included in future projects

At the end of workshop 2, we will have an approved digital marketing plan.

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Do you have insufficient information about your target audience to formulate a correct strategy? Then we plan extra time to map out your target group. We can do this by scheduling a workshop on personas and/or a workshop on the customer journey. These are optional.

During a persona workshop we will describe your customers as realistic and detailed as possible in the form of personas. A persona is a lifelike representation of a user and his/her typical needs, motivation, behavior... First we look at the existing data about your target group. With this info we try to distinguish your target groups and group them into persona clusters. Then we work out separate personas. 

After this workshop, PHPro gives a presentation with an overview of all your personas. Each with a clear description of their goals, expectations, and buying behavior. Each persona is visualized in a persona sheet.

Do you want to pay extra attention to the way your target group discovers, explores, converts and remains loyal to your company? Then we draw up a customer journey. Here we find out how your target group ends up on your website, what they expect from your website, why they become a customer or not and how we get them back on the website.

All touch points and channels that your customer goes through before making a purchase form the customer journey. Insights you can use to generate more valuable traffic, convince visitors faster and ultimately create more satisfied customers. 

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a visually detailed customer journey for your website.


Want to know more about our project approach? Keep an eye on our website. There is more information coming on how we fill each fase of our projects.

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