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Conversion optimization: Practical guide for your e-commerce store



Most online stores want to get more conversions, more customers and more profit as soon as possible. Rightly so, because the global e-commerce market is extremely competitive. Basically, a visitor should convert as soon as possible into a customer with the shortest lead time possible. Increasing the conversion rate through a conversion-optimisation process is an all-important fact. 


A conversion optimization project can result in a better conversion for your website or webshop. However, it is not that easy to take the correct steps and instantly get better results. A reliable conversion optimization process has several steps:

  1.  It all starts with analyzing web analytics and data.
  2.  From this analysis, issues can be defined.
  3.  To address these issues you should think about possible solutions.
  4.  These solutions, or hypotheses, can be tested by performing A/B tests.
  5.  Analyse the results.
  6.  If the outcome is positive, implement the changes.
    If they are not, you should return to step 3.


However, we're not going to discuss the full conversion rate optimisation (CRO) process as described above. Below you will find some proven CRO-tips for the product page, homepage, shopping cart and checkout.

Please note: these general tips are not specific recommendations for your website, we can' t guarantee that these changes will result in the same conversion boost as with other websites.



1. Recommendations for more conversions from your product page

A product page must be treated with the same care as the in-store presentation of items. With these 6 conversion tips for your product page, we'll boost your sales in no time.

2. Conversion optimization for your shopping cart

According to a recent study, on average, 70% of the visitors leave the shopping cart. Of course, we can also optimize the shopping cart for better conversion rates. Here are some important practical tips for conversion optimization for your shopping cart.

3. Optimize checkout funnel for more conversions

The checkout funnel is the last steps that visitors have to go through before they become customers. It is therefore normal that we pay more attention to these last steps and continue to optimize them.

An unnecessary input field, a technical problem or even a wrong text on a CTA button (call-to-action) can drastically reduce the conversion in the checkout. Read our rules for a checkout funnel made for more sales.