E-mail marketing automation with Dotdigital


E-mail marketing is and remains important for e-commerce, but how do you make sure your e-mail stands out in a crowded inbox? You need to offer your customers relevant content through targeted data-driven communication. That may seem a lot and difficult, but it's not at all. Thanks to the integration of Dotdigital, online shops can easily deploy email marketing automation. Wondering how this works? Be sure to read on! 

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What is Marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the automated mailing, using data. 
This data usually comes from a CRM or e-commerce platform that is linked to, for example, Dotdigital. From this tool you can then send automated and personalized e-mails and communicate more directly with your customers.

What is Dotdigital for Magento?

Dotdigital is a smart email marketing platform that can be easily connected to e-commerce platforms such as Magento.
The platform collects data about customers by synchronizing with platforms such as Magento. With this it can also take over order history and product data and seamlessly integrate them into e-mails and communication.

Dotdigital is integrated as default in the latest version of Magento 2. Because all data is processed in DotDigital, enriching and segmenting customer data is easier than ever.
Automated e-mail campaigns are set up according to certain rules in a jiffy by using a user-friendly WSWIG-editor (What you see is what you get).


Why use Dotdigital for Marketing Automation?

The possibilities of Dotdigital are endless. Dotdigital is much more than a newsletter tool. There are artificial intelligences and smart processes behind this system with an intuitive interface for users.
All this makes Dotdigital an excellent tool to convince leads even more efficiently.

The most important features:

Personalized email campaigns

Through the use of customer data, features, order and click behavior of your customers, emails are completely personal.
Talk to your customers with their first name, communicate in their jargon and offer content that is really relevant.

Clicking behavior monitors

The behaviour on your online store is stored into social profiles within Dotdigital.
What are the products that customer X looks at the most? What keywords are they looking for? This data can be used when designing email campaigns to make the message even more personal and relevant.

Creating segments

You can divide your customer base into different segments. You can group them based on properties.
You can personalize the created e-mail campaigns (as mentioned above) and send groups to this segment.
Segmented e-mail campaigns generate more turnover. This is definitely worth a try!

Automated email campaigns

With the extra data Dotdigital collects from Magento, for example, your email campaigns can go further.
For example, you can draw automated flows or programs in Dotdigital to target your target group even more specifically.


Dotdigital starts working with contacts that meet the starting conditions. In this way it only sends an e-mail to the eligible people. Then, based on the interactions with this email, actions can be taken by the tool. This way it can automatically send a reminder to the people who don't open the email within 5 days.


Some examples of email automation

  • Welcome email 
  • Abandoned shopping cart 
  • Greeting list reminder 
  • Order confirmation with cross-sell 
  • Re-engagement 
  • Birthday 
  • Brand Anniversary  

Some benefits of dotdigital

  • Never forget another lead or customer
  • More involvement and successful campaigns
  • Data enrichment without stalking leads for more data
  • Higher marketing ROI

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