Project approach phase 1: Kick-Off


At PHPro, we have a proven project approach that we use for every project. In this series, we'll look at all the components of this PHPro roadmap.

Every project of PHPro starts with a kick-off meeting with the customer, where concrete agreements are made on how the project will be structured. Making a plan, agreeing on meetings and exchanging project documentation are crucial for long-term cooperation. The basis is laid in this meeting. If we use our analogy with The Tree of PHPro, we have started here with the roots. The result of the kick-off ensures that our project is firmly planted. It provides stability and security in the next phases of the collaboration. Since the key stakeholders are present along the side of PHPro and the side of the customer, everyone is on the same wavelength and we underpin open communication. So the ideal starting point for the project to succeed.

The result of the kick-off


It is very important that all workshops, meetings and goals are defined in advance, so that it is clear for all parties involved and can also be planned in time in the agenda. At a kick-off meeting, you are at the beginning of your project and therefore you want to discuss and establish a number of things, you also want to make sure that all stakeholders are facing the same direction. The result of a kick-off meeting with PHPro should therefore be;

A detailed project plan

Clear scope and planning for all parties

Clear division of responsibilities

Dates and participants for the first workshops

Agreements between project leaders of both parties about steering groups, follow-up and reporting

Agreements on the exchange of project documentation

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You recieve a high-level planning, look at the timing, roles and deliverables. In doing so, everyone looks at the risks and constraints that may surface with the project.

After the kick-off, we'll move on to the workshops!


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