VGC launches new website on education and training


The new Onderwijs in Brussel website has been designed for both professionals and the general public, active in education. You can find specific information tailored to the various target groups next to education related news and answers to frequently asked questions. One of the key features of the website is an advanced search engine for schools in Brussels, and courses in which you can participate. The information comes from internal VGC databases and is deliverd to the website using webservices implemented in Drupal.

The VGC created a beautiful promo video to celebrate the launch (in dutch).

PHPro offered the following services: analysis , development






The Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC) or Flemish Community Commission is the local representative of the Flemish authorities in the Brussels-Capital Region, one of the three regions of Belgium. The VGC acts as a hub for the Flemish Community in the Brussels-Capital Region. The VGC has competencies for cultural, educational, well-being and health for Flemings in Brussels. Through the development and support of an open Dutch network of services and facilities in all areas of its competence, the VGC wants to increase the quality of life in the city.