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Wo is Mundero?

Meet Mundero: your partner for adventurous group travel. Travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 who like to explore new horizons should be with Mundero. They offer both structured activities as well as freedom to personalize the trip.


When COVID-19 hit the pause button for the travel industry, Mundero decided it was time to optimize their web platform. The initiative came with an eye on their growth ambitions and a focus on international expansion.

In their search for an experienced web specialist, they came across PHPro and Tailr. On the one hand, they wanted a website with a modern look and feel that matched the identity of their target audience. So a modern design was an essential requirement. On the other hand, it had to be a user-friendly platform. Read: after the launch, the maintenance of the website had to be easy to carry out in-house.

The project

We developed custom architecture for Mundero:
  • Tailwindcss for a stylish design
  • Laravel as a robust foundation
  • Nova for efficient management
  • Contentful for flexible content management

New webdesign

Our approach was phased. During the first phase, we engaged our branding partner Us to create the design. The unique Mundero identity had to come out well.

Dynamic front-end and user-friendly backend

Then our in-house developers got to work. They transformed the design into a dynamic front-end, linked to Contentful's user-friendly CMS. A new CMS means new features, so we introduced them new functions and a logical flow to place bookings. In those booking processes, we took into account any promotions and discount codes.

Multi-site possibilities of Contentful

During phase two, we built on this foundation and created a second front-end for This was right up our alley: thanks to the foundation already laid and the multi-site capabilities of the Contentful CMS. This allowed us to easily target the website to the Dutch market and publish targeted content for this audience.

Optimize user experience (UX)

In the current third phase, we are continuing to work on Mundero's further growth by further optimizing the customer experience. To do so, we collect and analyze data. We use those analyses to make strategic decisions for future developments.

Result custom development

The results are promising: after COVID-19, the new platform allowed Mundero to achieve a strong relaunch and fuel a renewed wanderlust drive among travellers. In addition, the efficient working methods of the second phase were rewarded with the successful launch of the website in the Netherlands.

We are currently hard at work identifying new opportunities for Mundero. Soon, we will translate our analyses into a new roadmap, which we then plan to incorporate.

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