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Why do you need a Google Tag Manager training?


The benefits of Google Tag manager are huge. We know the advantages of Google Tag Manager as a free tag management service: you save work, time and it's functional! After building a website or online store, efficiency and small adjustments are often required and a tag management system is therefore very effective.

Google tag manager en analytics training voor bedrijven

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool you can use to create tags (JavaScript fragments) and send them to another system (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel,...). By placing a container tag of GTM on the website, the code stays clean, so this is one of the many benefits of using Google tag manager.

Who is Google Tag Manager for?

In itself, anyone with a small amount of technical knowledge can get started with Google Tag Manager. If you are a seasoned digital marketeer or an enthousiast, you can certainly do some useful implementations with GTM. For the more technical functionalities, a little technical knowledge and digital strategy is needed. You also have to be careful that nothing breaks or slows down on the website before setting the tags live. That's why debugging and testing are always necessary, but of course we will come back to this in another article.

As a company, do you need an education or training for GTM? 

For a company without a real connection to the Internet, probably not. Do you have an e-commerce platform or website where you need to have enough conversions and turnover? Yes!

Is measuring certain KPI's on the website important to perform the required actions or implementations? Then a training course is useful to learn to use the tag system and the various possibilities to the full.

Data-driven working has numerous competitive advantages and should certainly be used on important websites. For small and easy implementations, a short training with a number of best-practices is more than sufficient to avoid making crucial mistakes.

As a company, do you want to be able to make more technical modifications without the help of developers? A professional training for digital marketers or e-commerce managers in your company will certainly broaden the possibilities.

What can you do with Google Tag Manager?

You can set up a lot on GTM that adds value to your data, online marketing or conversion rate. Some practical examples of GTM are among others: 

  • Create specific events for clicks, scroll activities, visible texts on the website and more.
  • Linking to external platforms or accounts 
  • Implementing bits of HTML code or JavaScript
  • ...